Event Marketing

If you are throwing an event and are looking to maximize attendance without a massive advertising budget, then our digital marketing services are exactly what you need.

We blend search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and strategic planning together, creating a full-scale online marketing plan for your event.

Improve visibility for the event, reach new attendees and sell more advance tickets with our digital marketing and public relation solutions.

Set Your Event Up for Success

The moment that you decide to throw an event, it is time to start planning your digital marketing strategy. Our team will work closely with you to craft a plan from the early days of your event until the following year, as we look to take advantage of every opportunity to drive attendance.

We have worked with a wide range of event organizers including music festivals, conferences, culinary events, self-help seminars and more. The result? Constant audience engagement that ensured a memorable, full event.

Pre-Event Marketing

Our team uses all the available marketing avenues including social media channels, websites, local media, blogs and anywhere else that we can get the news out about your event!

Our ability to write engaging advertisements for your event, craft attention-grabbing emails, design stunning flyers and remain connected with guests until the event day helps you raise awareness and ultimately bring in as many attendees as possible.

Live Event Marketing

Just because the event has started doesn’t mean that it can’t be marketed online!

With incredibly engaging tools such as Facebook Live and Instagram stories, we are able to keep the interest in your event going as it unfolds. This helps drive last-minute attendance, as well as put your brand on the map for future events.

Post-Event Marketing

You know that all the people that attended your event have an interest in your brand. This creates an amazing opportunity to remarket to them using social media, emails and more.

Whether you are looking to sell them products that you know they will enjoy or are looking to secure their attendance for your next event, we keep them connected to your brand well after the event has finished.

Bring Your Event the Attention it Deserves

More guests. More revenue. More visibility for the future.