Email Marketing

All of our digital marketing campaigns are designed to drive your target audience to your website, connect with them on social media and build a large following for your brand.

However, one thing that many businesses fail to capitalize on are the thousands of emails of potential or past clients that they have gathered. Our email marketing services turn your leads lists into more sales and limitless marketing opportunities.

From promotions to product launches, our email experts know how to optimize open rates, generate clients and convert sales through persuasive email marketing!

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is more than simply sending out a blast telling your contacts about a new product. There is a lot of planning that goes into creating leads lists, setting up email automation, crafting the emails and analyzing the results.

We begin with an email marketing planning session that takes all these variables into account, so that we have well-defined goals and processes before we send anything out.

Email Marketing Content

When you open your inbox each morning, it is likely that you have received emails from a wide range of businesses. However, you are only compelled to open a few of them.

At Garby Consulting, our email copywriting specialists understand the psychology of email sales. This means they know what to put into the subject line to increase open rates and views. Next, they fill the emails with the right wording that instantly gets readers excited about visiting your website.

Email Marketing Management

From the moment the first email goes out, our specialists are managing and tracking everything that happens during the campaign. Open rates, clickthroughs and conversions are all monitored, with the information then being used to improve the results.

We also conduct A/B testing during the campaign to see what your core audience responds to best, so we can keep striving for perfection with each sent email.

Turn Your Leads List into More Sales

Remarket, upsell and convert with an expertly-managed email marketing campaign today!